Keppel Research Consultants is a full service market research company specializing in Comprehensive Customer Service/ Satisfaction Programs and Commercial Testing Services.

Keppel Research Specializes in

Customer Service/ Satisfaction


Keppel Research Consultants provides customized research for our clients using timely, effective, and cost-efficient methodologies. We have broad experience researching customers, competitors, suppliers and other companies for our clients in a variety of industries.  Services include: Customer Satisfaction Studies, Customer Retention Studies and Company Image Studies

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Mystery Shopping data can be evaluated to identify steps to take to correct a problem area, or capitalize on a good situation.  The program measures Sales & Customer Service activities as and the effectiveness of your special training programs while evaluating personnel in the daily performance of their functions.


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Keppel Research conducts focus groups using the Dial Technology called Perception Analyzer* a direct response driven computer technology that pinpoint areas of strength and weakness in specific video executions while provide instant second-by-second real time feedback on what participants are seeing.


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Additional Services

Qualitative / Focus Group Research

Qualitative research is a first step in the research process. It defines the components of a problem and provides an understanding of your customers’ attitudes and perceptions. I have over twenty-five years of Moderator experience handling such consumer products from fine fragrances and shampoos to wine and vodkas. Has also successfully handled focus groups for the financial, insurance and healthcare industries (including Physician groups) and B2B. Steve can offer clients the use of Perception Analyzer dials and has successfully used them to conduct Commercial Testing, Spokesperson Evaluation, Political Campaigns, and Website Testing Programs using the Perception Analyzer dial pads.

Methods used by Keppel Research to gather qualitative data:

  • Focus Groups using Perception Analyzer dial technology
  • Online Focus Groups
  • In-depth personal interviews
  • Branch intercepts
  • Consumer panels
  • Media diaries
  • Shopper studies

We design and implement the qualitative research method that is right for your specific needs.

Quantitative / Survey Research

Quantitative research is designed to determine the magnitude of a problem or the intensity of a perception or attitude. Quantitative research is conducted on a national, regional, or local scale using the most appropriate method for you.

A quantitative research project covers:

  • Research design
  • Sample selection and preparation
  • Questionnaire preparation
  • Mail/Phone/or Intercept Interviewing
  • Focus Groups using dial technology
  • Interviewing data collection
  • Coding and editing
  • Computer tabulation and cleaning
  • Cross tabulation up to 24 banner cells
  • Statistical analysis including Means, medians, quartiles, etc.
  • Chi-square, t-testing
  • Multi-dimensional scaling
  • Cluster analysis, Quadrant analysis
  •  Multiple regression analysis

Pure hunch is too often an expensive and wrong guess. Our market research collects the facts, i.e. information that will cut your risks and build your profits.

Case Studies

Sage improve sales through customer service infographic
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We have been thrilled with the work Steve has given us. He is thorough and his program becomes custom to your organization, not a cookie cutter solution. The best part about his company, that I have found for me, is that I can get as involved or as hands off as I want or need. In my position I’m typically running in 1,000 directions at once and Steve manages the entire solution without much needed from me now that we have it in place. And he is extremely responsive, turning around answers to questions faster than any other vendor I’ve ever worked with.

To even further solidify how much we enjoy his work, the bank has actually gone even further with Steve in that he conducts not only our mystery shopping, but our customer survey, non-customer survey, branding studies, ancillary services studies, business customer studies, focus name it....if it involves research, we turn to Steve first.
— Eric W. Nutter, VP & Director Marketing My Bank! First United Bank & Trust