Customer Service/ Satisfaction

Keppel Research Consultants provides customized research for our clients using the timely, effective, and cost-efficient methodologies. We have broad experience researching customers, competitors, suppliers and other companies for our clients in a variety of industries. Listed below are summaries of several examples that are representative of the type of research we conduct:

Mystery Shopping 

Determine whether bank personnel are performing up to bank standards and in comparison to competitors. 

Product/Service Research

Analyze the size and the consumer profile of the target market for the introduction of a new product/service.

Competitive Evaluation

Understand a new market being entered by a financial institution, and its competitors' strategies and positions.

Market Feasibility

Determine the feasibility of entering a new line of business totally unrelated to your base business.


Consumer Switching and Preference Study

Evaluate the effectiveness of a new advertising and promotion campaign.

Customer Satisfaction Study

Ascertain the current level of Customer Satisfaction to an existing product and the effectiveness of their Customer Service Department.

Image Study

Determine the current Image of a bank and its competitors by both customers and non-customers.