Keppel Research's Mystery Shopping Program

  • Measures Sales & Customer Service activities as perceived by your customers.

  • Measures effectiveness of your special training programs.

  • Evaluates personnel in the daily performance of their functions.

How can you use Mystery Shopping?

Specific data can be evaluated to identify steps to take to correct a problem area, or capitalize on a good situation. For example, poor knowledge of banking services and/or lack of cross-selling efforts in a specific branch would suggest the establishment of stronger training programs for that branch; poor or slow service may prompt the bank to initiate the use of express lines or perhaps automatic tellers for a branch. Good service in an individual branch could aid the bank in its advertising efforts.

A broad look, utilizing trend information, can provide for:

  • Systems procedures evaluation and need for training adjustments.
  • Evaluation of personnel, management and non-management.
  • Direction for procedure and policy adjustments on a system basis.
  • Pinpointing of specific locations and problem areas with targeted adjustments.

How does Mystery Shopping with Keppel Research work?

Bank policies, marketing objectives, and Teller and Platform personnel are evaluated by shopping selected branches.

Interviews take place at pre-specified times and days. They can include drive-up tellers, in-lobby tellers, supermarket bankers, in-lobby personal bankers and loan officers. The following situations can be created:

  • Checking & Savings Account Inquiry
  • Check cashing
  • Making inquires about loan services
  • Phone inquiries

Interviewers record the date, day of week, time of day, specific person shopped, a summary of all facts and impressions and, to the extent possible, direct quotes from the discussions.


What can you expect from Mystery Shopping done by Keppel Research?

Detailed Data Analysis

  • Layout and overall impressions of the branches

  • Knowledge of services
  • Adequacy of staffing
  • Degree of cross-selling (or lack thereof)
  • Appearance of personnel
  • Promptness
  • Efficiency (or inefficiency) of personnel

Performance Criteria Index

The "Performance Criteria Index" (PCI) combines individual performance criteria to provide an overall percentage score. The PCI is calculated for both Tellers and those in the Platform area.

The Tellers' "Performance Criteria Index" (PCI) can include such behaviors as:

  • Offered Greeting
  • Maintained Eye Contact
  • Smiled
  • Manner of Speaking: Friendly
  • Used Customer Name
  • Said "Thank You" 

The Platform area "Performance Criteria Index" can include such behaviors such as:

  • Offered Greeting
  • Maintained Eye Contact
  • Stood Up
  • Manner of Speaking: Friendly
  • Shook Hands
  • Provided Literature
  • Smiled
  • Offered Business Card
  • Introduced Themselves
  • Initiated Cross-Selling
  • Asked to "Open Account"
  • Said "Thank You"
  • Offered Seat
  • Used Customer Name

Tabulation and Reporting

All shopper's reports are reviewed, edited, coded, and monitored for consistency and correctness of reporting. All question areas are tabulated separately, (any type of composite "scores" can be calculated).

Composite Evaluative Rating

The "Composite Evaluative Rating" combines several individual criteria to provide an overall rating.

All of the ratings are based on a five (5) point rating scale, calculated for both Tellers and Platform area.

For Tellers, the "Composite Evaluative Rating" (CER) can include such things as:

  • Friendliness of the teller
  • Promptness of the teller
  • Professional manner of the teller
  • Overall satisfaction/dissatisfaction with the shop

For the Platform area, the "Composite Evaluative Rating" (CER) can include such ratings as:

  • Friendliness if the bank representative
  • Knowledge of the bank representative
  • Ability of the bank representative to satisfy the banking needs of the shopper
  • Professional manner of the bank representative
  • Overall satisfaction/dissatisfaction with the shop

Trend Analysis

Measures the effect of each Performance Criteria Item and Shopper Evaluative Ratings over time.

Determines key transaction aspects and the focus of particular programs.

Verbatim Reporting

Every comment statement is provided to "Get the flavor and tone of each transaction".